Working with Natural Light - Kirstie Marie Photography Mentorship

Working with Natural Light

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See exactly how Kirstie works with light sources, subjects, and locations on a full photo shoot.



Equine photographer Kirstie Jones’ mastery of the use of available light in her images is part of her signature aesthetic. Working with the unpredictability of outdoor set locations, changing light conditions, and a 1,000+ pound animal can make working with natural light a challenge. But in this 55-minute video, Kirstie unpacks how she works with light sources, subjects, and location to produce a beautiful image.

Become a virtual second shooter as Kirstie takes you alongside her on a full photo session, including: how she chooses locations around the barn, how she plans the order of outfits for the subject, and how she incorporates light into different settings. Bonus tips include a look inside her gear bag, photographer outfit tips, equine ear wrangling, subject and horse safety, and an advanced look at posing.

Look for the follow-up video Editing Tutorial learn exactly how Kirstie edited the final images. Save money by purchasing the courses together in a bundle here.

5 reviews for Working with Natural Light

  1. Cassidy

    Kirstie’s course on working with natural light was so immensely valuable to me! The entire video was so well done. Kirstie’s commentary throughout the entire video made me feel like I was standing right beside her while she was shooting. She was so thorough in her explanation of what she was doing, why she was doing it, and what she might do to change something if she wasn’t totally satisfied with the light in a particular shot. She went into more detail than I even expected about reflections, colors, and posing. I am so excited to take this knowledge with me into my sessions! I will absolutely be purchasing more courses from Kirstie and I can’t thank her enough for sharing her knowledge!

  2. Kylie Baker

    This course was incredible! It was like I was sitting next to her the whole time learning her process and getting tips for myself. I chose this course because I wanted to see how she got her natural looking airy shots because that was my weak spot and now I feel like that is my strong suit! It was very informative and fun to watch! I highly recommend for any photographer!

  3. Mark Watson

    This is the best course on photography I have done, the fact that it is also specifically aimed at equine photography just puts the icing on the cake. Kirstie is a brilliant teacher with a huge personality that really shines through in the video, it’s the next best thing to being there, which for me living on the other side of the world was never an option. I’m so glad I purchased this course, the difference for me with this course compared to a couple of general photography courses I have done, is that Kirstie tells you why as well as how in a way that you just get it and even if you’ve heard some of the finer points before, for some reason they just click into place in this video and you get the “aha” moment where it all makes sense. I can not recommend Kirstie’s courses any higher, if there were 6 stars she would get 6. I am on a journey in photography and her courses will help me untold in progressing, I will be forever grateful. If I knew before what I know now about her teaching, I would have bought the whole bundle in the beginning, however I will be doing every course she has, believer for life.

  4. Lauren G.

    This is a great course! My family raises miniature horses and from time to time I’ll take pictures of friends and family with them. I bought the bundle of this course with the editing and am already eyeing which courses I’ll try next. This one in particular was a good length, going through an entire shoot with a girl and horse, several outfits, locations and changing light. I’ve watched it a couple of times already and it’s great to be able to refer back to the course video so you don’t forget the tips and tricks you’re taught.

  5. Rachel Sulman

    I absolutely loved this course! I considered myself to be pretty experienced in working with natural light, and I bought this course mostly to see how Kirstie directs a shoot. I LEARNED SO MUCH. I learned many valuable tips about shooting backlit that I hadn’t thought of before. I also feel much more confident in directing clients and I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned at my next shoot! I am so grateful for Kirstie. I honestly want to buy every course now!

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