Marketing for the Equine Photographer - Kirstie Marie Photography Mentorship

Marketing for the Equine Photographer

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Learn the exact marketing philosophy and strategies that average my business over $2,800 per session.



Do you want a calendar filled MONTHS in advance? Do you need to command higher prices to sustain your business? Are you attracting the right clients? Do you need help finding your voice to stand out from the crowded competition?

Whether you’re just starting out, or looking to level up your equine photography business, solid marketing is crucial to get your brand in front of customers. Kirstie Jones is a highly successful equine photographer, and in this video she shares the marketing plan for her own business. She’ll walk you through what marketing looks like for an equine photographer, how to find your ideal client, and how to reach that client with information about your brand. You’ll feel like you’re sitting down with Kirstie in a one-on-one conversation as she shares valuable advice from her own experiences. 

In over 60-minutes of detailed instruction, this video exposes the exact marketing philosophy and strategies that have grown her business year after year:

  • Learn how to articulate the “why” of your business and use this messaging as a magnet to find perfect clients
  • Apply your unique story in a host of practical marketing ideas and strategies to ensure your business is thriving

Don’t miss this accelerator for your business, packed with practical ideas to translate into your own marketing plan.

2 reviews for Marketing for the Equine Photographer

  1. Amanda

    I loved this course! I have taken several other marketing courses and this one left me with an actual plan. It helped solidify my brand, which helped me identify how I wanted to reach my ideal client (which she helps identify, too!). She actually leaves you with a list of ideas of how to reach your ideal target client. If you need help marketing, or even just need to tighten things up I highly recommend this course! Even if you’re not an equine specific photographer, this course is a wealth of knowledge!

  2. Nina

    I can absolutely recommend this course, especially because it applies to any kind of niche you’re in. It gave me a lot of ideas to brainstorm on and an actual plan on how to create my own long-term marketing concept. Currently I felt like I’ve been stuck with my photography and didn’t really know where I wanna be on the long run. In the course I reflected my original motivation why I started photography and figured out where I see myself in the future – I’m now super motivated to actually get there!

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