Photographing Horses - Kirstie Marie Photography Mentorship

Photographing Horses

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How to photograph horses for the non-equine photographer.



Does your client want to include their horse in an upcoming session? It is time to get a game plan and arrive with confidence. Horses are beautiful, majestic creatures, but they’re not easy to photograph, especially if you’re unfamiliar with being around them.
As a leading equine photographer, Kirstie Marie Photography offers her tips on photographing horses for the photographer who has little-to-no prior experience working with horses.  First and foremost, this course will teach you how to keep the session safe and limit your liability while working with a large and unpredictable animal. Learn the most flattering angles for a horse, how lens distortion affects the images, and where to place the horse’s head, neck, ears, and feet to create portraits your clients love.
This course is perfect for senior, family, fashion, wedding or portrait photographers whose client may want to include a horse in their session.
• 33 minutes of detailed instruction
• complete equipment & gear resource list & showcase
• safety practices & liability issues (live showcase with the horse)
• how to photograph horse & subject together
• live shooting & posing instruction
• culling a horse session: what to keep, what to delete, & what to edit
• lens distortion issues with lens choice during a horse session
BONUS: 36 posing cue cards to save on your phone’s camera roll with ideas for on-the-go inspiration.

2 reviews for Photographing Horses

  1. Kate

    I really enjoyed this video. I am familiar with horses and comfortable around them. There are some things I knew as “just because” and Kirstie Marie does an excellent job explaining those concepts (for instance standing on the left side of the horse). She also does a great job combining horse safety and photography. For instance, she explains what she first does when she arrives on the photo shoot and why (I don’t want to give it away 😉 ). Also, I really appreciate her growing through her photos in her editing software and commenting on why she kept some and why she would not deliver others. Additionally, she shows pictures taken with 135mm, 85mm, and 35mm prime lens and the issues with each regarding distortion. She also gives helpful tips, in case you don’t own her suggested lens. This was extremely helpful for me, since I don’t own a lot of lens. Lastly, the bonus tips at the end regarding the different breeds made this extra worth it. I was not expecting it!!! Thank you Kirstie Marie!

  2. Mark Watson

    I came across Kirstie’s work and her images really struck a cord with me, they were so beautiful. Having done a bit of equine photography already, I wanted to improve so I found her website and ordered this course so I could get an understanding why and how she approached equine photography. I’m so glad I did, she captivated me right from the intro, she makes you feel like she is talking to you one on one and the content is fantastic, from lens choices to safety and so much more. I have learned more than before I took the course which to me means it was of full value to me and I couldn’t be happier. I will do all her courses as I can, she is the standard.

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