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Tips to Build Your Email List

Email newsletters are one (of many) of my marketing strategies to ensure I am connecting with my target audience. Because my potential client base is so connected to their email (most people have access to checking it constantly on their phone), it is a very effective way to communicate. One of the most important things about my email list is ownership. While I do not own my audience on any social media platform, I do own the thousands of email addresses I’ve collected over the years. I highly encourage everyone to begin collecting email addresses.

Where to start?

1. Sign Up with a Service

I’ve used Mad Mimi, Mailchimp, and FloDesk. A quick Google search will yield many free and paid options for sending emails. [Want 50% off FloDesk? Click here.]

Your email service should have information on best practices and tips for the highest open rates. Follow these closely to help your rates!

2. Start Building the List

Honestly, start small until you have your bearings. Ask past clients, friends and family to sign up!

3. Practice

Send some emails to your small list. Get into a rhythm of how often you will send emails, what the content will include, what your voice will sound like, and how you want them to look. Before FloDesk, I used Canva and PhotoShop to help with the graphic design.

4. Grow

Time to build your list of emails! Post about your newsletter on social media, host giveaways where an entry requirement is to sign up for your newsletter, deliver a “freebie” PDF with opt-ins, offer discounts or bonuses to newsletter subscribers, have a pop-up box on your website to encourage sign-ups, add an opt-in to your footer… the options are endless! If you have a big announcement to make, have people sign up for the newsletter and announce it there before social media. This could be a new video, access to your calendar, unveiling a new website, etc!

5. Consistency

Your audience craves consistency. Commit to emailing weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually… whatever it might be… just stay dependable. Deliver engaging content that is relevant to their wants/needs. Work on growing your list while increasing your open rates.

6. Goals

Most importantly, have a goal with your emails. Is it to get fresh images in front of your audience? Book travel clients? Fill your calendar? Make announcements? Drive traffic to your blog? Make sure that the content you deliver is serving your email list well, but also fulfilling the goals you’ve set forth for your business.


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