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Monica Therrien recently modeled for the filming of my KMP Learn courses at High Range Ranch in Pilot Point, Texas.

The first video course, Working With Natural Light, follows alongside our full session as we begin in the barn with black background portraits, and then move outside into pastures with trees. In this 55+ minute instructional video, I break down exactly how I scout the property, work with natural light, and direct Monica through posing instruction. Come along for three outfits and four locations as I describe exactly where and WHY I place and pose Monica & Ripsy.

The second video courses, Editing Tutorial, is filmed in my studio as I cull, color correct, and retouch all of the images from the session. We go through the entire session in search of the strongest images and color-correct within LightRoom. Then, get a glimpse of my retouching process in PhotoShop for both black background and outdoor images.

Here are a few of the final images:


Now, enjoy a fun look behind the scenes from our full day of filming this content! A huge thank you to Salty Roan for filming and producing these educational videos for equine photographers.


Kirstie jones

fine art equine photographer

A lifetime horse enthusiast, the Texas-based equine photographer has experienced first-hand the immeasurable bond between a horse and a girl. She strives to capture that special relationship for each and every client.

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